Reducing Weight Naturally

We all know that being obese is bad for our health. It is not about being beautiful or fitting in with the societal norms. It is all about being fitter and healthier, which is more important than anything else.


Why are people not able to lose weight?

We can see that the world has more varieties of food easily available than ever before and our lives have become more sedentary. Though we have the option of choosing only healthy food it really is not possible for most of us, with all the temptations around us. For some people, it is lack of awareness about the health issues related to obesity. For some others, it could be an emotional problem or eating disorder or even a genetic issue. Whatever the reason, they need to reduce their weight slowly and gradually. Towards that goal, people try dieting, exercising and everything else suggested by their friends and family.

For some people this may work for some time, maybe longer for those with a stronger willpower. For most of the others, however, it does not work for more than a few weeks. After trying all kinds of fad diets and so-called revolutionary exercise regimes they come back to their regular food habits. This is actually more dangerous as this may lead to more health complications.


So what is the remedy?

Medical professionals always warn against health supplements and weight reduction medicines as they feel that these have more negative side effects. Here is a miracle that has amazed even the best doctors in the world. This is a gift from nature, called Garcinia Cambogia. This is a tropical fruit and is found in South Asian countries. It’s amazing properties were known to our ancestors and they used it in different forms. Now it has been rediscovered and found to be an unusual help in losing weight, that too naturally.

How does Garcinia work?

It works due to its ingredients working on many fronts simultaneously.

  • It increases the metabolism rate of the body. So the body can assimilate more food and convert it into energy. You feel more energetic and are more inclined to work and exercise actively. This helps in reducing weight.
  • It contains an acid called Hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. This active ingredient works two ways. It helps to melt away the fat from the body and does not allow any more accumulation of fat. This happens as it blocks the enzyme that helps the tissues to make and store fat. This reduction in fat levels also helps in reducing the possibility of strokes, Diabetes, and hypertension.
  • This fruit and its active ingredients help to secrete a chemical called serotonin in our body. The raised levels of this chemical help to suppress the hunger pangs and make you feel satiated for a long time. Once your intake of food is reduced and stays that way, you will continue to lose weight or at least will be able to maintain the level.
  • It also helps to decrease the sugar or glucose level in diabetic patients. This also helps these patients, to reduce their weight and reduce the intake of food.

However, suffice it to say that this is a potent formula that has helped many people since it was rediscovered. It is available in the form of diet pills, and these are so easy to use that person are clamoring to buy these.

Side Effects

As with any medicine or supplement, Garcinia may also interact with other medicines and may act differently in the presence of other medical conditions. If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have kidney or liver problems then it will be better to take your doctor’s advice before using this pill. It is possible to have some side effects otherwise. These include dizziness, nausea, headache, stomach upsets or diarrhea etc. If you continue taking the medicine, slowly the body adapts to the changes made by the ingredients and diet. Gradually you will see a big change in your weight. One thing is for sure that this medicine works like a miracle in reducing the weight. You need to be careful while buying it and buy it from an authorized seller, who will ensure purity and safety of the product.